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Workshop Benefits

  • Why you do what you do with eating and exercise...the facts, simple, straight to the point and what you can do right now to change it
  • Learn how to save money on trendy fads and help your budget
  • Get clear on what your default behaviours and patterns are and identify who youare so that you can be free to enjoy life like you want
  • Learn how to get real support from your family and friends without judgement or expectation in a simple step by step process
  • The 5 secrets to success, that no one tells you about, despite stress and everyday life
  • Templates, checklists and a simple step by step process
  • Walk away with a complete roadmap to weight loss success that can be utilised with ease and will help you get off the roller coaster of weight

The Book

Book Review

This book truly resonated with me ­ I could not 'put it down!' (& I've read dozens of books that focus on the issue of weight loss ­ usually I discard them as I feel frustrated with a situation that deep down 'I don't really want to address!')

This book has helped me 'unlock my feelings' about trying to lose weight, my motivations, my demons, my dreams ­ my journey...

After reading this book ­ I know I can accomplish my desired 'weight loss result & be in control of my own happiness. Thank you Magic xx

Lisa (Melbourne)