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Magic was born in Melbourne in 1972. While her family was unconventional, they did instil a strong work ethic and encouraged Magic to apply herself fully to everything she set out to accomplish. Throughout her education, Magic excelled in the

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stop being fatBOOK REVIEW

This book truly resonated with me ­ I could not ‘put it down!’ (& I’ve read dozens of books that focus on the issue of weight loss ­ usually I discard them as I feel frustrated with a situation that deep down ‘I don’t really want to address!’)

This book has helped me ‘unlock my feelings’ about trying to lose weight, my motivations, my demons, my dreams ­ my journey…

After reading this book ­ I know I can accomplish my desired ‘weight loss result & be in control of my own happiness. Thank you Magic xx

Lisa (Melbourne)




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